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Cleveland Law Firm Marketing

We specialize in custom website designs and marketing strategies for lawyers in Cleveland, Ohio. Increase your digital reach with a hype-free marketing strategy that will generate more leads.

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How does law firm marketing work?

 We understand that the legal niche is extremely competitive. We do the heavy lifting with a complete digital marketing strategy. Read the steps below to see how it works. 

Step 1

Website Design For Lawyers

Your website is the digital representation of your firm. We create bespoke websites customized to your practice area. User experience is our focus making sure clients can find the information they need.

Step 2

PPC For Lawyers

Google Local Service and standard search advertisements will broadcast your firm to those in your service area. These types of ads put your firm in front of thousands of potential searchers instantly.

Step 3

SEO For Lawyers

Website SEO and local SEO is the last step to our digital marketing strategy. The goal is to create organic (aka unpaid) traffic coming into your website. We also optimize your Google My Business listing to reach as many people as possible.


Sit back & Book Consultations

When finished setting up your marketing system, we start tracking phone calls, form submissions, and other performance indicators. Our goal is to bring you as many clients as you can handle.

Are You ready to start Digital Marketing?

We want to work with law firms in Cleveland, Ohio, to help boost your presence online. We would be happy to answer all of your law firm marketing questions and start working on your campaign today!

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Legal Websites

we design legal websites with the client in mind. Your site should be informative, easy to navigate and direct the user to contact your firm.

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Law Firm PPC

PPC for lawyers focuses on the right keywords, creating landing pages that showcase your expertise and targeting precise locations.

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SEO For Lawyers

Legal SEO involves blogging about topics in which your clients are searching. Your site must be an authoritative source for legal knowledge.

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Google My Business

Google My Business is the right tool to advertise your legal services. With GMB, we connect you to those who need you most.

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How will Digital Marketing Grow My Firm?

Cleveland law firm marketing explained

  • Creates a lead generating website
  • Increases organic traffic with SEO
  • Targets specific keywords with PPC
  • Connects with the local market through Google My Business
  • Attracts customers using Social Media

Digital marketing will increase your online visibility, generate leads, and convert leads into clients. We will develop an effective plan that will turn your website into a marketing funnel. A robust marketing system will connect your website to advertising platforms (think Google and Facebook) and work for you to bring those prospective clients in for a consultation.

Our Company

We want to work with lawyers in Cleveland, Ohio, who want to grow their firm by connecting with those in need of your services. 

Our Goals

We want to produce a marketing funnel that works for you.  Our goal is to generate more leads using technology and analytics. 

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Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers

How do clients find my website?

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Brand new websites are like the new kid in school. Potential clients won't see or notice your website without SEO. We must prove to search engines that your site is an authoritative source for legal information in your service area. We accomplish this by keyword research, doing a better job than your competitors, and posting meaningful blogs that inform your customers.

How do Blogs help with sEO?

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Your website's blog is a powerful tool that will showcase your expertise and services. Think of Google as a question-answering machine-and search engines love the best answer to popular questions. Therefore, we need to produce quality content that satisfies the searcher's intent. Our SEO strategies focus on turning your site into a knowledge base for your clients.

What Is technical SEO?

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Technical SEO refers to configuring the code inside your website. The website code tells Google or Bing to crawl and index your site. A misconfigured site could say to the search engine to exclude it from search results. Improper technical SEO could hinder you from advertising your services to thousands of people each month. Technical SEO is a nerdy subject, but we know the right way to set up and index your site.

What is Keyword Research?

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Law firm SEO starts with a complete inventory of your services. We understand that criminal defense lawyers may only focus on a particular subtype of criminal law. Therefore, we concentrate our keyword research on your specific subspecialties. Keyword research will help ensure your site shows up for the most relevant searches. The goal is to generate quality leads so your team can focus on the most prospective clients.