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PPC campaigns are our go-to strategy to instantly drive more traffic to your website. We track what ads resonates with your audience in Cleveland, Ohio. Then, we adjust strategy to increase ROI.

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Managed Pay Per Click Services in Cleveland

Target the right audience

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The digital marketplace is highly competitive. Businesses are investing in targeted ads and other forms of digital marketing. By investing a portion of your marketing budget on Google Ads, you can ensure that your business is on the first page of Google Search. Also, you could run graphical and picture-based ads using the Google Display Ad Network.

Promotes Brand Awareness

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Display ads use pictures and graphics to promote your products and services. This method of advertising will increase brand awareness because people see your logo or other brand-identifying graphics. Have you ever searched for a new blender and then notice blender ads while browsing the web? These are display ads in action.

Pay When Someone Clicks 

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The benefit of PPC advertising is that you only pay when someone clicks on the ad. We manage the ad budget by choosing specific keywords to trigger the ad. Each time an ad is triggered is called an impression. But you don't pay for impressions. Google only charges for the click!

Customize Landing Pages

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Landing pages are website pages specifically designed for the advertisement. The goal of the Landing page is to capture the person's attention and convince them to take action. We strategically place phone call prompts, add-to-cart buttons for products, or form submission on the landing page. The ad campaign's goal is to urge the person to take action and convert into a paying customer.

Need Help Setting Up Google Ads?

We are here to answer any questions you may have about PPC advertisements. Would you please schedule a consultation to learn more about PPC and how it can help grow your business online?

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What is Pay Per Click and How Will it Help Your Cleveland Business?

Get A Head Start On Your Competition

Targeted advertising is the right tool to get your business in front of new customers. More and more small Cleveland, Ohio businesses are turning to PPC for help with their marketing efforts. Targeted advertisement campaigns give you control over what searches will trigger your ads. Custom keyword and negative keyword lists ensure we target the right audience for your business.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research finds the best words, phrases, or questions related to your business that customers are typing into Google.

Optimizied Ad Copy

We generate multiple ads using different techniques. Over time, data will show which ads have the best ROI and can further optimize your campaigns.

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How To Launch A Pay Per Click Campaign

  1. Landing Page Design
    A successful PPC campaign starts with a webpage that will engage your audience and encourage them to take action. The landing page showcases your services and guides visitors towards the next steps in the process.
  2. Landing Page Hosting
    Next, we configure the hosting environment to serve your landing pages and set up Google Analytics tracking tags. The tracking tags to gather data and metrics about the campaign.
  3. Keyword Research
    We research and select the exact words and phrases your audience types into the search bar. Broad match keywords cast a large net while exact match keywords narrow the scope of the campaign. We utilize negative keywords lists to filter out irrelevant search terms from triggering your ads. This practice helps us efficiently manage ad spend.
  4. Ad Copywriting
    Ad copy is the words selected for the advertisement. The chosen words for your advertisement matter and influence the searcher's decision to click or move on. We test and track multiple versions of ad copy. The data will help us understand which ads convert and how to optimize your campaign best.
  5. Zip Code Analysis
    Aperture Digital PPC campaign packages offer geographic analysis to help pinpoint the locations that are most likely to contain your target audience. We use GIS technology to study your market area and use this data to increase ROI.
  6. A/B Testing
    A/B testing is an analysis that compares two ads or landing pages to see which is the highest performer. With A/B test data, we combine the best-performing ad copy with the highest-performing landing pages to optimize your campaigns.
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Why is Paid Advertisement Important?

When considering Google Ads for your business, research these
questions to help determine if PPC is right for you.

  • Do you have a new website with low traffic?
  • Is your business fully booked or in need of new clients?
  • Are your competitors advertising on Google?
  • Is your business looking to launch a new product or service?

Let's dive into each of these four PPC topics

1 New Websites with little or no traffic -  If your website is new, you're likely are not generating much organic traffic. PPC ads can help your Cleveland, Ohio business start to generate new leads by placing your company's ads in front of thousands of potential customers.

2 Are you wanting to expand your client base? - PPC advertisement is a great way to scale your business. You can (and should) spend hours every week writing blogs, posting on social media, or hosting a podcast. But, if you need to generate leads right away, an optimized PPC campaign will start generating clicks instantly.

3 Are your competitors dominating the market? - If you search for keywords related to your industry, do you see competitors running paid advertisements? If so, they are most certainly taking market share away from your business. You can combat this with a customized PPC campaign of your own. The big difference when partnering with Aperture Digital is that experts back your ad campaign using analytics, reporting, and geographic analysis. We use data to make decisions, not our gut feeling.

4 Launch new products or services? - Since this is a new offering from your company, you need to get the word out fast. Search Engine Optimization will take a bit too long to get the new product offering off the ground. Therefore, we recommend running a targeted ad campaign to let your customer base know about the new product and service offerings.

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