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Google My Business (GMB) will connect you with people searching on Google Maps and Google Search. We optimize and update GMB listings to rank higher on Google in your local service area. 

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Google Business Profile Explained

What is Google My Business?

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Google My Business is a service offered by Google that helps you manage and control the information people find when searching for your business. You can respond to reviews and messages, update your hours and pricing, and add photos of your business. GMB also has a social media style post tool to share information weekly about your business.

Why should I use GMB?

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Google My Business is the "local" presence in Google Maps. It functions as a dashboard for your business on Google, helping customers find you in search results. GMB will help you reach a new customer base through Google Maps and Google Search that you may have been missing out on before.

Will Google My Business create Leads? 

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GMB generates leads by displaying your business listing in Google Search and Google Maps. Keyword terms trigger your listing to appear when people search for those terms related to your business. GMB displays photographs of your office/business location and team when the listing is triggered. Photos of your business instill trust in your brand and help you stand out from your competitors.

Do I need to Optimize my GMB?

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The answer is YES! The more effort put into the GMB, the more times the listing will display in search results. Optimize your GMB with great product and service descriptions, hours of operations, and contact information. Positive reviews from happy customers is a strong ranking signal that will help your listing show up in more search results. Finally, updating posts and news about your business listing will help your GMB outrank your competitors.

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How To Optimize Your GMB

  1. Business Catagory
    Select the primary business category the represents the products and services your offer. This step is essential to set up correctly so the search engine understands when to display your listing inside Google Search and Maps.
  2. Service Areas
    Next, we configure the locations and cities you serve. We add (or exclude) specific towns to help feed the search engine with the best location data possible. Location targeting is vital for service area businesses, like roofers or plumbers, who may not have a physical location.
  3. Name Address Phone (NAP)
    Your NAP citations must be identical across all directories where you list your business. NAP are three significant pieces of information that help potential customers contact you or get directions to your location. We recommend all local citations match your GMB exactly.
  4. Service Section Optimization
    Add your business services to the GMB service section. Group services into categories and add unique descriptions for each service. We target keywords when writing thorough service descriptions to help rank higher in search.
  5. Product Section Optimization
    Product section optimization helps customers see what type of products you offer for each of your services. The Aperture Digital GMB has a website design service, and we list our web design services individual products. You can include the pricing for your products, too!
  6. Review Managment
    Reviews posted by happy customers are a ranking factor. The more positive reviews you collect and respond to, the higher your GMB will rank for relevant search terms. We assist with review outreach and review management with our GMB optimization packages.
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GMB Optimization tips & Tricks

Fill out as much profile data as you can

The more data your add to your profile, the happier Google will be. Google will reward listing with accurate and complete profiles. We are ready to help you claim your listing and start optimizing your profile today. 

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Include Keywords

Keywords are a signal to Google that helps the search engine categorize your business. We research and use keywords on your profile to help target the right customers. 

Post Weekly

GMB allows you to posts business updates, sales, new products, or industry news. You can include call-to-action buttons to direct searchers t your website or call your office. 

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Why Should I optimize My GMB?

  • Generate leads and website traffic
  • Gather customer feed back
  • Makes it easier for customers to find you
  • Make sales from Posts

Let's expand on the GMB Optimization Topics

1 Land new clients and generate new leads - There are many different ways to generate leads with digital marketing. Our marketing campaigns capitalize on all methods of digital advertisement. Google My Business is just as important as social media marketing or PPC advertisements. GMB adds tremendous value for your business by expanding your reach on Google Maps and Search.

2 Customer insights and feedback - You can chat with customers and understand which products and services they are most interested in purchasing. Product/Service reviews will give you valuable insight into what is working best for your company. You can (and should) use this valuable data to help drive your business into the future.

3 Can customers find your business? - Google Maps is a powerful marketing tool because it serves search results based on location. When your GMB listing is optimized, customers can easily find our listing in the search results. They can research your business and navigate your store directly. If you don't have a brick-and-mortar location, that's ok! Service area businesses can show up in Google Maps, and people can learn more about your business by visiting your website.

4 Are you running a monthly special? - Google My Business posts are essentially free ads. You can post as often as you would like. Your posts should include images for a product or service, a fancy description, and add a button that prompts the user to take action.

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