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Cleveland Small Business Marketing

We're web design and marketing agency that develops websites and digital marketing campaigns for small businesses in Cleveland, Ohio. Let's talk about how SEO and PPC advertising can help your business grow.
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Digital Marketing for small businesses

What is small business marketing, and why should you invest in advertising? See our three-step guide to learn about digital marketing in 2024!
Step 1

Website Design tailored to small businesses

Investing in a good website is one of the best decisions you'll ever make. It's essential for communicating who you are and what your business does for your customers, clients, and other interested parties.
Step 2

PPC For Small Businesses

Facebook and Google are two of the most effective ways to advertise a small business. These advertisement platforms place your small business in front of thousands of potential searchers in your service area. 
Step 3

SEO For Your Small Business

Search Engine Optimization for your small business is the last step in our process. We research the right keywords for your niche, create rich and informative content, and index your website on major search engines.

Sit back & Sell Your Services

After optimizing your website and ad campaigns, we move into the data analytics and reporting phase. We report phone call leads, form submissions, and website visits. We continue building out your website and continue optimizing our marketing strategies.

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Cleveland, Ohio, businesses can benefit greatly from a custom marketing plan. We are here to answer any questions you may have about small business marketing. Schedule a free consultation today!
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What is small business Marketing?

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Website and Design

Your website is a valuable tool to advertise your business services. We can help you capitalize on the vast digital marketing in your service area.
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PPC Advertising

A targeted PPC campaign will advertise your products and services to people searching for your exact business offerings in Cleveland, Ohio.
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Local SEO

Small and local businesses can target customers in and around their coverage area by focusing on precise SEO strategies tailored to their business locations.
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Google My Business

Google My Business is the perfect tool to help you connect with the local community, advertise your products, and showcase your business.
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How will Digital Marketing Grow My small business?

The Sales Funnel Model

  1. Increase sales with a lead generating website
  2. Increases organic traffic with SEO
  3. Targets specific keywords with PPC
  4. Connects with the local market through Google My Business
  5. Attracts customers using Social Media
Digital marketing will increase your online visibility, generate leads, and convert those leads into clients. We will develop an effective plan that will turn your website into a marketing funnel. A robust marketing plan will connect your website to advertising platforms (think Google and Facebook) and work for you to bring those prospective clients in for a consultation. 

Our Company

We work with small businesses in Cleveland, Ohio, grow their company by making connecting you with people in need of your services.

Our Goals

We want to increase your ROI by creating a digital sales funnel that works for you. We use analytics to track leads and report success.

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Small Business SEO Explained

How do customers find my website?

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After your site is live, there will be minimal traffic coming to it. We have tools to generate website traffic such as SEO, paid ads, Google My Business, and social media. SEO is a strategy that takes more time than PPC. But, SEO will build upon your website, turning it into an authoritative source for information in your niche. Unlike PPC, SEO investment will remain on your website via blog posts and website performance.

How do blogs help Local sEO?

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Blogging is an SEO tool that teaches people about your products and services. We don't post blogs to create another page on your website. We write content that will satisfy the searcher's intent. People use search engines to find answers. As an SEO agency, our job is to help you create a website full of authoritative answers to those q questions.

Why Is technical SEO Important?

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Technical SEO focuses on the website's code, performance, structure, and indexability by search engines. The search engine reads the code of your website and analyzes its content. Poorly written code could signal a problem to the search engine and negatively affect your ranking on the search engine results page, or SERP.

Why is keyword research Necessary?

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Keyword research will identify search terms people are looking up in Google or Bing search engines. We determine which search terms align with your company and create a blogging plan to expand on each keyword and topic. Each blog will focus on a specific keyword and link the user to a related service or product page. Blogs and service pages go hand in hand, making keyword research a significant piece to the SEO for your business.